Lawrence got a check for $204,122 in atlanta for WHAT?!?!??

Published: Tue, 07/03/12

Hi, it's Lawrence Tam again,
My buddy Dave just wrote this email to his massive list...
I'm serious.  
Here's the photo (click to enlarge):
* Although I gave Lawrence $204,122
for sending a few emails, doesn't mean
that you'll make money instantly...
...or as easily as Lawrence did.
The fact is:
He didn't set up any funnels.
* Didn't build any websites.
Didn't have to install anything.
Didn't have to configure anything.
We had a message, and he simply believed it,
and acted with ruthlessness.
You can, too :)
Sometimes I see something so profoundly
moving, that I simply MUST share it.
The other day, I had the camera rolling, in
one of those 'intimate' personal conversations
with my wife, Ashley, and a gal named D.
If this doesn't inspire the BELIEF that you 
can do this... can't be helped.
The simple fact is...
...whatever you believe, the universe proves.
For the last 3 years, I've believed that enrolling
2 new customers a day is easy...
...and you know what?
It's easier than I ever believed it would be.
...the truth, though, is that I BELIEVED that
it was easy, when I had NEVER enrolled more
than 4 customers in A MONTH, EVER.

...You'll believe a little more.
This is the story of creation:
There was a poor man, who the world looked
down upon.
Nothing worked.
He had gotten fired from nearly 21 jobs in just 
the last 5 years.
The universe seemed to rail against him.
Then one day...
...he made a 'new decision'.
Nothing in the world changed.
Yet everything had changed.
All of a sudden, what was once a challenge
now flowed like water.
Barriers that ONCE were there, had evaporated.
Life became free.
BECAUSE he first believed.
-David Wood
"The Guru Slayer..."
P.S.  Check out the growth that we've had over
the last few months.  This is the 'new customers
per month' that we've been enrolling.
THAT is what I call MOMENTUM :)
Check it out:

It's just the start my friends.
It's time to BELIEVE.