Blogging Causes Tears of Joy?

Published: Wed, 08/22/12

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so... with the internet comes a Large market reach if you do this properly

Generally, if you write about stuff you care about online and put them on your
blog people WILL be touched by it, if it comes from the heart.

Well.... you can blog on your own blog for $25 here

So blogging has allowed me to attract good and bad and depressed...

I wanted to share with you a TRUE story of someone who found me online.

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Hi to all! I want to share with you all an experience I had with Lawrence Tam. I am a 26 year old college graduate who lives very near family in a great city, has a loving boyfriend and a close group of friends. I have been working my "career" for 2 years now, but last week I had a very rough "existence".
For the past few months I have slowly been thinking about where I am in life and why I keep feeling so empty and it all came crashing down last week. For one, I hate my job. I don't feel fulfilled by it. I don't feel satisfied or that I am contributing. It's as if I am merely putting holes in crackers. I am sure many feel this way despite having everything else they asked for. I was doing a lot of research lately about online business and income potential. I came across Lawrence's blog and I was floored.
I had encountered so many already but his was different. In it I saw something I wish I had for myself and I broke down. I was inspired, jealous and hopeful because if he could do it, why couldn't I do it. So I emailed him. I wrote him in desperation, knowing that there might be NOOOOOO WAAY that he would respond being that he is soooo busy and constantly talking to hundreds. I went of to work. The whole day I was once again miserable.... I wanted to give up and I even went downstairs to cry on a bench outside.
It was the worst and I felt stuck and the only thing for me was to go back to my desk and keep going. IS THAT ALL LIFE HAS TO OFFER ME FOR THE NEXT 40 YEARS UNTIL RETIREMENT! There is no way...
Very near the end of my day I got a call and guess who it was? Lawrence. I was ecstatic. I could not believe it! I teared up and tried to keep it together because the fact that someone so successful and busy took time for me was AWESOME! Lawrence shared with me his story and process to how he got to where he is.
The told me two things that were very powerful.
"Make you money or make you happy."
I decided that right now I need to make me happy because I know money will come with it. He also told me "You are only here for now". At the moment it felt like I will be there for an eternity and I couldn't take it. One thing I won't forget about Lawrence is that he had amazing, addicting high energy.
Something I have been losing over time. Best of all he guided me in advice and didn't try to sell me on anything except to study, research and take time to apply whatever it is I was willing to pursue.
Lawrence I want to thank you for your time, story and energy. I am not afraid anymore and will continue on my path that I know I CREATE. No more floating around for me... Oh and one final thing. I decided to go to Costa Rica this Sunday for a week and clear my head to start over. THANKS TO YOU!!!! I can't wait and I will send you and everyone pictures.
Thank you so much and I will definitely be joining your team and vision when I return! 
Cheers from Austin!
People online think it's all for the money.

If you run our system the right way, you can change the world by just being yourself.

I know for a fact as a Mechanical Engineering I could not have helped Andrea at all...

But with good personal writing on my own blog... I believe I was able to correct someone's path for the better.

I firmly believe we are on earth to be a blessing onto others... I feel I did that for one person ;)

If you want to learn how to blog and actually help people feel better and make some money...

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