Power Of Compouding

Published: Sat, 08/25/12

It took Tracey Walker 7 months (until June 8th) to make $98,000.

Then, in July (one month later) she made $39,611 - in one month.

THAT is the power of compounding and leverage - one month after taking 7 months to make $98,000, earning $39,611 in a month.

In the same 7 months, Tony Rush made $125,932 - then, in July (one month after our event) Tony made $50,899.

It took Chuck Marshall 7 months (same time frame) to earn $119,372. Then, one month later (July) he made $52,717 - just under 50% of the total income that he earned in the last 7 months.

These are real people with real results.

The power of compounding over time helps drive income generated over months into a single month.


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