Okay, Fine, I'll Do A Live Training This Thursday

Published: Wed, 08/29/12

Hey, It's Lawrence,

I have been asked so many times this summer to come and do a live webinar training.

Well, with the birth of my 3rd child (2months old now) I just didn't feel like it.

Just being "real" here.

Why should I do a live training when I just want to sleep?
(with new baby I don't sleep much with night duty responsibilities)


A couple of my friends are coming together THIS thursday night at 9pm EST
That is August 30, 9pm EST

Live Webinar Registration HERE
See, the truth is... after I blew past my original goal of $12k/month I just don't feel like
doing too much but spend time with my kids and wife.

I mean.. i never got into this to make a lot of money.

I got into home businesses to have more TIME
That's it... and when I started to make $50k/month since last november 2011.... the
whole work more to make more just didn't make sense to me.


I do know something... I know there are a lot of people who are wanting
to make $12k/month...


I have agreed to step out and do a LIVE webinar with others who actually make more money than myself...

So I figured.. I wanted to learn from them TOO ;)

This is a LIVE webinar.
Seating is limted

Come early, stay late, get educated and take action
See you thursday 9pm EST