I Passed $94k this month.... Me & Wife are speechless.

Published: Mon, 10/15/12

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15 days into the month of October...

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Here's an e-mail David Wood 
[Founder of Empower Network]
just sent out to the entire community.....
Me & My wife read it and couldn't believe our eyes....
A little over 12 months ago....
...I was gathered round late at night
in Costa Rica, with a small, private
...among the great minds therewas
a frugal Asian man - who despite his
best Kung Fu, was unable to defeat
the obstacle of a measly $10,000
Laughing hysterically at the 'puny'
goal of $10,000 a month, I had a
conversation with this Asian man,
and yet still, he didn't believe...
...until 3 months later, when he had
his FIRST $39,000 month.
Today, I logged in - yet again, and 
hit the 'refresh' button, and noticed, 
that from October 1st, until now
(15 days) this reserved, laid off
Asian man has made $98,776 in
...2 weeks.
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Imagine for a second, your previous 
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-David Wood
"Just another homeless guy..."
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