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Video 2 of 3 - Time or Money (or both?)

Published: Thu, 05/17/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. So here is video 2 and I dive into what I have been working with in building a true monthly 5 figure residual. Watch Video TWO…

Video 1 of 3 - Bonus to Launch

Published: Wed, 05/16/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I am about to release a huge bonus. It officially launches this coming saturday but I wanted to share with you some insights…

Special Gift Coming Saturday

Published: Wed, 05/16/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I found out that I made the success magazine rankings. My primary company did a section for their 2012 Quarter 1 top producers.

No Alone in the Cabin in the Woods

Published: Mon, 05/14/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I just went to go watch a matinee movie for the awesome flick Cabin in the Woods. The movie was fantastic and I got to watch it…

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Published: Wed, 05/09/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I got a pretty cool gift from a business partner of mine. I worked my business and he and his wife decided to give me a gift...

Amazon Video 6 and How To Meet Me

Published: Sat, 05/05/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I finished up my 6th video for my Amazon training program.. since it's still in Beta even after 6 full videos I have continued…


Published: Wed, 05/02/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. naw... I got laid off and was paid to leave.... best type of e it in my opinion. 12 years of engineering and I am FULL time…

Where Leverage In Systems Comes In Play

Published: Thu, 04/12/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam. I took a snap shot of what my business was doing the last 6 days. The importance of understanding where you want to GO is…

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